Looks like you have found my commission info page OwO!コミッションインフォサイトです!



no more slots for 2022 and early 2023, sorry ><!
Will be reopen around April 2023!

Please consider checking FAQ tab before you decide to DM me or email me ><!!!

English -----> OK!
日本語 -----> オッケー

I usually use the name UNAGIdon or UnaDesu (old name is ANIKI), you can call me Una or Unagi ><!ウナ や うなぎ と呼んでもいいでしゅ! 日本語のサイトは今建設中٩( ᐖ )۶!

If you decide to commission me, please fill in the form by clicking this icon :3!

or for special/company inquires, please contact me by the email below:




Basic rigging includes:

Head X,Y,Z angles
Body X,Y,Z angles
Eyes blink, smiling
Happy, sad, angry, surprise faces (for face tracking)
VTube Studio setups
3-5 toggle expressions (if included in the model art file)

*Full body only

*Paying rush fee to get earlier slot is available, but the price will depend on how soon you want your model, and minimum will be total price x 1.8.

-- EXTRAS --

TOGGLED EXPRESSIONS(O O, Q Q, = =,etc.)$10 ~ [depends]
ACCESSORIES(Extra arms, etc.)$40 ~ [depends]
ANIMATIONS(waving, etc.)$80 ~ [depends]


These are answers to the questions I've been frequently asked!
More answers might be added in the future ><!

Q. Do you have a waitlist? & Can I be put onto your waitlist?

There is no waitlist that can be provided.
If it's during commission open period, please contact me by filling in the google form.
If it's during commission closed period, then sorry but I can't ><, please wait until I reopen my commission.

Q. How long does is take for you to rig a model?

I will usually need more than two weeks to finish one model, but this will be effected by how complex the model is.

Q. Will I get updates after you start working on the model?

Yes.Usually my rigging progress will be: Facial expressionsHead anglesBody MovementsPhysicsToggles (includes toggled expressions)
You will receive videos after I finish each stages.

Q. Will my commission still not get accepted even if I uploaded my .psd file?

Yes.Unfortunately, I am not able to accept everyone's commission ><!
I prioritize commissions with models which already have their .psd files completed (and attached on google form), however, I might still accept one's that are not finished yet.
Additionally, I will prioritize models that have better layer cutting or ones that I feel more motivated to work on.
Please keep in mind that I have the right to refuse your commission if the finished model is cut poorly |´-`).
Besides, please understand that I'm not able to accept every commission with the Live2D art drawn by artist @OchiYuki3 !

Q. May I know your price?/ May I know how much your past works cost?

I won't reply to any email/DM related to asking about prices, sorry ><!
Because my prices should usually been clearly shown on the pricelist, but while I'm deciding to adjust the prices (usually in commission closed period), they might get hidden. Which means I'm not able to tell anyone about the price I'm going to put in the future ;^^ (even I am not sure about the price in this case, sorry!) .
If the prices are hidden, I will usually put them back on around one month before reopening.
Also, my past works' price will not been told to anyone. The models in the showcases are not sellable.

Q. Why is the google form still open while your commission is closed?

While my commission is closed, the google form might still been open for one of my artist friend since she is having a bit of trouble using english to communicate with clients, so I will be the one who communicate with her clients :3. During commission closed period, the options for my commission will be removed.